USB System Lock

1. What is USL?
Nowadays, security become more and more important. USB System Lock(USL) is the solution to enhance system security. Beside of basic password authorisation, a physical key can provide extra security. This program is written in Visual Basic and run on Microsoft Windows. It can fully protect the system under normal boot. (Cannot work under safe mode) The program will generate a random string and store it into the USB key drive and windows registry. Once the system is locked, the user have to insert the USB drive that contain the right key to unlock. We bypass the Windows Task Manager too, so it should be 100% safe and secure.

2. Download USL
You can download USL with the below links:

USL current release: website -

3. Screenshots
Check out the screenshots at:

4. Project Status
This project is still under development, but the latest version is stable enough to use. We are welcome to all programmer who want to join us!
You may visit our project page at!

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5,400 downloads can't be wrong!
Up to 3th May 2007, USL have more than 5,400 downloads! Users all arround the world are living proof showing that USL is safe and secure! Get your own copy now! LogoSupport This Project